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Ten Fun Facts About Mrs. Chappell

1.  Mr. Chappell & I have a SWEET baby boy named Andrew & 8 FABULOUS nieces & nephews!

2.  I LOVE Country Music!

3.  I think sunflowers are the happiest flowers!

4.  My favorite color is PINK!

5.  I started playing classical violin when I was 5 years old & continued playing through my senior year in high school.

6.  I played the drums in the marching band in middle & high school.

7.  My husband John, is also a musician & plays the trumpet! He's a member of the American Honey Horns & they play with the local bands Champagne Room, Mid-Life Crisis & The Big Show!

8.  I made the Texas All State Choir my Junior & Senior years of high school.

9.  I love the Houston Astros!

10.  Mr. Chappell & I have two cats & two dogs...Mia, Stella, Chloe & Bailey! We LOVE our fur babies!