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Accelerated Reader

Our campus does Accelerated Reader  or AR for 2nd and 3rd graders. Students are encouraged to read books on their level and take quizzes on them which  points. Students are rewarded for their points at the end of each grading cycle. AR makes tests for many books up to adult level. Parents should monitor what books students are reading. Just because AR has a test for a book does NOT mean the book is appropriate for your student's age and maturity level.  Please make sure that your student is reading books in his/her appropriate reading range.  Please note that students are only able to take AR tests at school.

A link to your child's personal AR information--quiz scores, which tests have been taken, etc.  Click below.   

Personal logins will be sent home with students within the first few weeks of school. If you do not have it please contact your child's teacher.