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Homework, Quizzes, and Tests

A Weekly Assignment will be sent home EVERY Monday.  The weekly is divided into days.  Students will normally have an assignment to be completed each night Monday thru Thursday for homework.  Monday's assignment will be completed Monday night and graded when students arrive to class on Tuesday,  and so on for the remainder of the week. Students may work ahead on the weekly, however some of the topics may not have been covered in class.  It is very important for students to complete their weekly on time, as this will help them grasp the math content we will be covering for the week.  No tolerance for a late weekly.

Students will normally be given a quiz each Friday over the content covered in class that week and any content previously covered.  Unit Tests will be administered when all content has been covered for the topic being learned, as well as, any content previously covered.  This insures that the students will see the content numerous times during the school year.