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Accelerated Reader!!!

AR is a BIG DEAL at PNE!!! Not only will your child be eligible for rewards if they get their points, it will also be two daily grades each six weeks.  One daily grade will be for the total points earned that six weeks and the second grade will be an average comprehension grade for all tests taken during that six week period.  Your child will have to get 12 points each six weeks.  AR rewards will take place at the end of each semester.  If your child earns 40 or more points for the 1st-3rd six weeks of school, they will be eligible for our first semester reward!  If your child earns 80 or more points, they will be able to go to our end of the year AR reward in May!  In previous years, if your child earns 100 or more points, they got a star painted ceiling tile that they could place anywhere in the school!!  We will not be doing ceiling tiles this year, becuase we are going to be getting a new school!  The students that earn 100 plus points will get their picture taken with an already painted ceiling tile and get to decorate a ceramic tile as a keepsake!  Please encourage your child to read as much as possible.  They do not want to miss out on our awesome rewards!!!