• Really Good News from Mrs. Geoffroy's Class

    Instructor: Lisa Geoffroy

    Today we will take the time to be happy, and we will leave our footprints and our presence in the hearts of others.

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    I will update my web page as the need arises, so please "swing by often" to view new information.  I also want to encourage you to visit our campus web page (under Woodcrest) for any information pertaining to guidelines, rules, policies, schedules, etc. Click on the link below.
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    Please encourage your child to come to school with a positive attitude, expecting great things!  If a student becomes discouraged or negative about school--his work, his friends, or his teacher, it can affect his academic performance.  Let's all work together as a part of a team that has the priority of helping your child to achieve his or her best, aiming for academic excellence!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me during my designated conference time between 9:50 a.m. and 10:50 a.m. I can be reached at 409 724-2309.  It is imperative that I reserve all other time for student needs and teacher preparation.
    Early mornings are especially busy as we begin to prepare for  the days activities and lessons, so, even brief interruptions can delay the start of the day for my class.  Thank you so much for understanding and cooperating.

Class Announcements

  • Class Rules

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  • School Supplies for 2018-2019

    If you will click on the link below, you will be taken to the list of school supplies that will be used for this year. I will do my best to ensure that these supplies last as long as possible, but will alert you to any additional need during the year. 2016-2017 School Supplies

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  • Reading -- a gateway to new worlds!

    Please encourage your child to read a little each night. Increasing his or her reading fluency will affect his or her performance in all subjects at school. Additionally, it can bring much pleasure and entertainment as he or she learns about different animals, places, hobbies . . . just everything imaginable! It can become a lifetime habit that will bring immeasurable joy through the years! …

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  • Brain Power -- How to Have it! Eat Breakfast!

    Research has shown that eating a healthy breakfast before coming to school makes a student more alert and better prepared to give optimum performance in class. If your child is a cranky eater, why not at least give him or her a piece of fruit or slice of cheese? You would be surprised at the difference it will make.

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  • Brain Power -- How to Have it! Get enough sleep!

    Recent research has confirmed that students who do not get enough sleep will perform poorly the next day. Please make getting eight hours of sleep a night a priority for your child. Doing so will prepare him or her for the next day's challenges!

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  • Jasper's Corner

    Hey, friends! I can't wait to share all my exciting cat tales with you. Sometimes I can be very sneaky....stay tuned.

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  • Miss Suzy

    I love Mrs. Geoffroy's class!

    I like it when you write me letters.

    I am building a new house in the yard next to our school.

    I will wink at you if I see you!

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Class Contacts

  • Geoffroy, Lisa

    Business:  724-2309
    Email:  lgeoffroy@pngisd.org
      My conference time is 9:45-10:45

Class Rules and Discipline

HOMEROOM - 2 Calendar

  • Our Class Schedule

    Check agenda books, sharpen pencils, restroom, etc.


    Music and P.E.
    Writing/Science/ Social Studies


    Small group tutoring, enrichment

    2:45-3:00 Closing/Dismissal



    Computer Lab




    It is very important if the method
    of transportation your child uses to
    get home changes, you will need to
    notify the school office or send me a
     note.  Thank you.

    Please encourage your child to return homework on time.