• Coach's Corner

    Instructor: Becky Hebert

    Hello! My name is Becky Hebert (Indian Pride Tride and True, Senior Class of '92)! I absolutely LOVE teaching PE and I am sooo excited to be teaching your children!!! This is my 25th year of teaching, 5 years teaching middle school math and coaching track and 20 years teaching PE at Van Buren! I am married to a wonderful man named Buddy Hebert (PN-G class of 1985) and  have 4 beautiful children. Braye (PN-G class of 2012, Lamar University class of 2017) is working for Fidelity and rocking adulthood in Plano,TX, Bryant (PN-G Class of 2016) is proudly serving in The United States Air Force, married to my beautiful daughter-in-love MacKennah and this year gave me my first, beautiful, perfect grandbaby, Bradley James, Kayli (Class of 2019) is working her dream job at Disney, and last but not least the caboose Hayden (Class of 2025) that loves any and all sports especially baseball! My goal this year is to teach your child some healthy habits that they can use throughout their lifetime. Let's all get healthy together!!!



    8:15-9:15         Conference
    9:30-10:30       2nd Grade
    11:00-12:00     3rd Grade
    11:45-12:30      Lunch (In case you ever want to bring me lunch......LOL)
    12:30-1:30       1st Grade
    1:35-2:35         Kindergarten


    Class Rules
    1. Enter and leave the gym/building quietly
    2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    3. No talking without permission
    4. You must always act in a way that promotes safety
    5. Listen to and follow directions
    6. Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times (Preferably Tennis Shoes)
    7. When the whistle is blown you must Stop, Look, and Listen
    8. Participation is a must (You must have a note if you need to sit out)
    9. HAVE FUN!!!!!


    PE/Health Units
    Physical Fitness                                        Volleyball
    Basketball                                                Gymnastics
    Recreational Games                                  Basic Movements

    Team Games                                            Fun Fridays
    Relays                                                     Jump Rope
    Tumbling                                                 Track/Running


    10 Fun Facts About Coach Hebert
    1. I am a Christian and attend FBC Groves (You are more than welcome to come with me anytime)
    2. I LOVE the color PURPLE
    3. My whole family plays golf except for me (But I want to learn)
    4. I am a VERY picky eater, but I do love me some Mexican food
    5. I was an Indianette Officer in High School, but a "Tomboy" growing up
    6. When I was in Kindergarten I stuck piece of a green crayon up my nose and had to go to the doctor and have it removed
    7. I LOVE to SING (and sound really good in the shower or my car) and DANCE
    8. I have always talked a lot and been loud (My parents had my hearing checked when I was child because they thought I couldn't hear myself talk)
    9. I am a Pinterest addict and love to do crafts, dumpster dive, decorate, etc.
    10. I have one nostril that is smaller than the other (Probably from the crayon...lol) 


    PE/Health Links



    Contact Information
    Becky Hebert (Mrs. Coach Hebert)
    409-962-6511 ex:8126