•   Ridgewood Principal
    Mr. Schexnaider
    Mr. Kevin Schexnaider



    Welcome to Ridgewood Elementary, where we are always “striving for excellence!”  Ridgewood is proud to have outstanding students, dedicated parents, and the hardest working teachers in the district.  Our mission at Ridgewood is to provide a climate and educational program that will satisfy our high expectations for both student achievement and behavior.  We believe that all students can learn, and to this end we offer a diversity of school programs to help each child develop to his or her potential.


    On behalf of the faculty and staff, I invite you to visit our school for lunch, attend your child’s programs, and strongly encourage you to become an active member in our PTA and volunteer program. 

    Children always come first, and we are excited to have you and your child with us at Ridgewood Elementary!