Instructor: MRS. PERRY

    Welcome to Music!

    My name is Mrs. Perry and I am the music teacher here at Groves Elementary.  I am a Lamar University Graduate and have 7 years of experience teaching elementary music in Southeast Texas.  I cannot wait to meet my new students and share my passion for the arts!

    You can reach me at 409-962-1531 ext. 6147 or at bperry@pngisd.org

    Music Schedule:

    7:45 - 8:30      Choir/Band Practice (TBA)
    8:30 - 9:10      Conference 
    9:10 - 10:10    4th Grade Music
    10:10 - 11:10  4th Grade Music
    11:10 - 12:10  5th Grade Music

    12:10-12:50   Lunch

    12:50 - 1:50   4th Grade Music
    1:50 - 2:15     Conference 
    2:15 - 3:15     5th Grade Music

    Classroom Rules:

    M - Make good choices, do the right thing!
    U - Use good manners, be nice!
    S - Speak when the teacher allows it.
    I - Involve yourself in activities!
    C - Care for music room equipment.

    Students are expected to follow the rules at ALL times.  

    To see detailed grading policies/etc, click link below.

    Grading Policy - GE Music 2019


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