• 5th Grade Math-Mrs. Sherrod

    Instructor: MS. SAUMELL

          I am a 5th grade math teacher at Port Neches Elementary! I feel unbelievably grateful to be able to work at this amazing school and that I get to teach these precious children. I am so excited to be teaching my favorite subject, and I hope to instill that same love for math in my students. If you have any questions or need anything throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me! I am here for you and your child and will try my best to help you out in any way I can!

    Contact Information:

    Conference: 10:25-11:10 (M-F)
    Phone: (409) 722-2262 Ext. 4405
    Email: tsaumell@pngisd.org
    (Eventually, my email will change to tsherrod@pngisd.org.)

    Join my Remind for text updates about class information. Text the message @sher5th to the number 81010.

  • Schedule

    8:15-8:45        WIN

    8:45-10:25      Group 1- Konidis

    10:25-11:10     Conference

    11:10-12:05    Group 2- Barnett

    12:05-12:35    Lunch

    12:35-12:55    Recess

    12:55- 1:40      Group 2- Barnett

    1:40-3:15         Group 3- Martin

    3:20-3:45         Bus Duty



    Please join my Google Classroom with the class code. 

    The class code is xcy3vpe.

  • Classroom Rules/How to have a sweet class:

    1. Stay quiet and listen.

    2. Wait to be called on.

    3. Encourage each other.

    4. Every day respect your teacher.

    5. Try your best.



    Homework will be given on Monday and due on Friday.