Welcome to the PNGISD Transportation Department.  Our mission is to support educational opportunities for our students through safe, orderly, and efficient transportation services.

    Transportation Department

    776 Magnolia Avenue


    Director of Transportation

    Christy Smith

    Transportation Secretary

    Idelle Deitrich

    For general route questions, you may contact the Transportation Department.  Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30 and Friday 7:30-4:00.



    Transportation services are provided for all students residing beyond their respective school's required distance.

    Updated Eligible Streets Coming Soon


    Pre-K and Grades K-5 1 mile
    Grades 6-8 1.5 miles
    Grades 9-12 2 miles

    The Port Neches-Groves Independent School district provides transportation for all eligible students. Every effort will be made to see that the transportation provided is safe, comfortable, and pleasant. To assure this type of transportation, it is necessary that there be cooperation between school, students, and parents.  We treat PNG transportation is an extension of the classroom.  We will not allow any students to stop the District from providing a safe, comfortable, and pleasant ride. For these reasons, we are providing Transportation Rules and Regulations so all concerned will be familiar with the transportation procedures.



    We ask that you read and discuss the contents of the Transportation Rules and Regulations with your student to promote a clear understanding of the responsibilities and expectations for all parties involved. 

    Please contact Christy Smith, Director of Transportation, if you have any questions or concerns about the Port Neches-Groves ISD transportation system.



    Prior to Loading (On the Road and At School)

    1. Be on time at the designated school bus stop areas.
    2. Students need to be at their designated school bus stop ten minutes before the school bus arrives.
    3. Stay off of the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
    4. Bus riders should conduct themselves safely while waiting.
    5. Wait for the school bus on the right side of the road in an orderly single line.
    6. Wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop and the door is open before approaching the school bus.

    Riding the Bus

    1. Bus riders are expected to be courteous to fellow students, the bus driver, and assistant, if any. They need to follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Assist in keeping the bus safe and litter-free at all times.
    3. Remember that loud talking and laughing or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver's attention and may result in a serious accident.
    4. Bus riders should never tamper with the school bus or any of its equipment.
    5. Treat school bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your home. (Damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender.)
    6. Keep all parts of your body, and all objects, inside the school bus.
    7. Keep feet, books, packages, coats, and all other objects out of the aisles.
    8. Students are to sit in their assigned seats daily.
    9. Bus riders are not permitted to leave their seat while the school bus is in motion.
    10. Horseplay, scuffling, and fighting will not be tolerated.
    11. Throwing anything off the school bus or off of the school bus will not be permitted.
    12. Food and drink are not to be consumed on the school bus.
    13. Keep all harmful objects (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons) off school bus.
    14. Cursing, swearing, using rude gestures, or maliciously teasing will not be tolerated.
    15. Remain quiet when approaching a railroad crossing stop.
    16. Animals may not be brought onto the bus without the permission of the Director of Transportation and the school principal.
    17. In case of an emergency or mechanical problem, students are to remain on the school bus unless instructed by the bus driver.
    18. The administration may recommend that other rules and regulations which are reasonable and prudent be enforced after proper notification to students and parents by the school district.


    Departing the Bus

    1. Students living on the right side of the roadway depart the bus in an orderly fashion and move to where the bus driver can plainly see all students who have departed the bus.
    2. Students living on the left side of the roadway will depart the school bus in an orderly manner and move to a point 15 feet in front of the bus. When safe, the bus driver will signal the students to cross the street. The students will cross the street, stopping even on the front of the left of the school bus, and look in both directions carefully before continuing if it is safe.
    3. Students should be alert to danger signals from the bus driver.
    4. Students should not cross the street behind the school bus.
    5. The driver will not discharge riders at places other than their regular school bus stop or at school. No exceptions will be made without prior written instructions from the parent and signed by the student's principal.


    Extra-Curricular Trips

    1. The previously listed rules and regulations will apply to any trip under school sponsorship.

    2. Students will respect the wishes of the sponsor when appointed by the school.

    Emergency or Hazardous Conditions

    1. Safety precautions will be exercised in school bus operations at all times. If any time the bus driver is uncertain about the road or vehicle conditions, or other safety factors, the bus driver will park the vehicle in a safe location until safe operating conditions are assured.
    2. If conditions will not permit the delivery of the student to his or her authorized stop, that student will be returned to school.


    Grades K-5
    Step 1: A student who violates rules will be issued a "Warning Notification" by the bus driver. A notification should be signed by parent or guardian and returned to the bus driver the following day. Repeated or serious offenses shall result in the driver submitting a "Bus Misconduct Report" to the school principal.

    Step 2: A probationary period will be established by the school principal. The parent or guardian will be notified of this probationary period.

    Step 3: The third violation will result in a one-week denial of school bus privileges with a required parent or guardian conference before riding privilege privileges are restored.

    Step 4: The fourth violation will result in a six-week denial of school bus privileges with a required parent or guardian conference before riding privileges are restored.

    Step 5: The fifth violation will result in a semester denial of school bus privileges with a required parent or guardian conference before riding privileges are restored.

    Grades 6-12
    Step 1: The first violation the student will receive detention and parent will be notified.

    Step 2: The second violation will result in denial of bus riding privileges for 10 days.

    Step 3: The third violation will result in denial of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the year.

    The step procedures established above for disciplinary action may be modified only when the disciplinary action set forth seems to be unwarranted for the incident reported or the incident reported is of such a severe nature that stronger disciplinary action is justified. The principal has the authority to accelerate steps when the situation warrants such actions.