Professional Communications blends written, oral, and graphic communication in a career-based environment. Careers in the global economy require individuals to be creative and have a strong background in computer and technology applications, a strong and solid academic foundation, and a proficiency in professional oral and written communication. Within this context, student will be expected to develop and expand the ability to write, read, edit, speak, listen, apply software applications, manipulate computer graphics, and conduct internet research.

    • Classroom will be treated as a professional environment
    • Professional Courtesy and Respect will be a classroom priority
    • Student code of conduct and district technology regulations will be strictly enforced


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  • Purple Day
    • 1st / 5th Split Block  - Professional Communications
    • 2nd - 1st Sem. Interpersonal Studies / 2nd Sem. Child Development
    • 3rd - Conference
    • 4th - Cheer
    White Day
    • 1st / 5th Split Block - Professional Communications
    • 6th - Conference
    • 7th - 1st Sem. Interpersonal Studies / 2nd Sem. Child Development
    • 4th - Cheer

    Elective Tutorials are Friday Morning


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