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  • What's going on this Month?

    • World's Finest Chocolate
      • Ends Tues, Nov 30th
      • Turn in your $60 from boxes checked out!
    • PRE-Area - Thurs, Dec 2 - 3-9pm
      • Will leave PNGHS at 1:30pm
      • WHERE: Hargrave HS, 25400 Willy Lane, Huffman, TX 77336
      • Students are NOT allowed to have phones or any electronic devices during the contest
      • There will be concessions - bring money
      • Students NEED their choir binder, pre-area music, pencil/highlighter
      • Students can bring food, drink, board games, cards
      • You may pick up your student to bring them home
    • After school Rehearsal Mon, Dec 6th 3-5pm
      • in choir room - ALL choir classes
      • MANDATORY rehearsal
    • Concert Tues, Dec 7th @7pm
      • Afterschool REHEARSAL for Indian Chorale & Tenor/Bass Choir to practice on stage
      • ALL STUDENTS should be dressed and ready in the choir room at 5:30pm.
      • Treble Choirs should be able to rehearse during class on stage, but not together.
    • Concert Attire
      • ALL students wear ALL BLACK and may decorate themselves with Christmas hats, scarves, lights, ect...
      • Sopranos & Altos

        • Black floor length dress or Back top with nice black pants
          • (school dress or one that looks the same as the school dress)
          • Can wear black undershirt and legging underneath
          • Black Pants must cover the entire leg to the shoes (sweatpants & leggings are not pants)
          • Black tops must cover the upper arms, must cover all midriff even if arms are raised
        • Black flats (all black - no white)
        • Stud earrings only - no other jewelry (necklace/bracelets)
      • Tenors/Basses

        • Black button-down long-sleeved collared shirt
        • Black pants (no jeans or sweatpants)
        • Black shoes (all black - NO WHITE)
  • PNGHS Choral Ensembles

    Student vocalists are placed in a ensemble according to their vocal ability, attitude, participation, classification, and voicing needs. The three choral ensembles provide for a wide range of vocal abilities and time commitment.

    Indian Chorale

    Indian Chorale is a single block, auditioned choir made up of our top vocal students.  This vocal ensemble has many other requirements and some extra opportunities.  Students in Indian Chorale perform college level music at times, sing the National Anthem at home football games, are required to audition for Region Choir, participate in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, and perform with Indian Chorale at UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation.

    Treble and Tenor/Bass choirs

    As more students join choir we are striving to create choir classes to best fit the needs of our students.  These are newly formed choirs. Treble referrs to students who sing soprano or alto where Tenor/Bass refers to students who sing tenor and bass.  Treble Choir is for soprano and alto students in 10th, 11, or 12th grade.  Tenor/Bass Choir is for all tenor and bass students not in Indian Chorale.  Concert Treble is for 9th grade sopranos and altos.  These ensembles are single block classes and which build on vocal skills previously learned.  During the year, students will have required concerts, performance opportunities, fun game nights, and possible trips.

    Advanced Vocal Techniques

    Not a choral ensemble, but a specialized vocal class for those wanting to better their vocal ability, this class is for students who are also currently enrolled in a choir class.  This class allows teachers to give more individualized instruction to students who want to further their vocal abilities and knowledge of their vocal instrument.  We learn more advanced Music Theory, basic diction for Latin, Italian, German, and French, IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), get extra help on Region music and UIL solos. 

  • Keep your voice in tip top shape!

    In order to keep your voice working at it's best

    AND to keep your brain alert and ready to learn...



  • Do I need to practice?

    If you have ever asked this question, the answer will always be yes! 

    Did you know that your body starts to forget things after 48 hours without practice?

    48 rule

  • What do I need to bring to Choir?

    • 1" binder to hold music for class (optional)
    • 1" or 1/2" BLACK 3-ring binder, no clear overlay - for concerts and class
    • a pencil
    • a highlighter
    • a smile
    • and a positive and encouraging attitude!
  • Schedule

    1 – Concert Treble Choir

    2 – Music History

    3 – Treble Choir

    4 – 


    5 – Tenor/Bass Choir

    6 – Indian Chorale

    7 – Advanced Vocal Tech

    8 – 

  • Recommended Apps

    Singer Savvy - Create an account and "add to home screen" for the site to function as an app on your mobile device.  Use this app to track your daily vocal range, vocal activity, vocal naps, and water intake!

    Music Tutor - Practice naming/playing notes on the Treble or Bass Clef staff.  Time yourself to get a score.  Play against friends to compete!