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  • PNGHS Choral Ensembles

    There are three choral ensembles at PN-G High School. Student vocalists are placed in a ensemble according to their vocal ability, attitude, participation, classification, and voicing needs. Students may move from ensemble to ensemble as deemed necessary or appropriate. The three choral ensembles provide for a wide range of vocal abilities and time commitment. The following is a brief description of the various groups that are associated with the PN-G High School Choir program.

    Indian Chorale:

    Indian Chorale is a single block, auditioned choir made up of our top vocal students.  This vocal ensemble has many other requirements and some extra opportunities.  Students in Indian Chorale perform college level music at times, sing the National Anthem at home football games, are required to audition for Region Choir, participate in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, and perform with Indian Chorale at UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation.

    Mixed Choir:

    Mixed Choir is a newly formed choir that is reserved for students in 10th, 11, or 12th grade that have had previous choral experience.  It is a single block class and builds on vocal skills previously learned.  During the year, students will have required concerts, performance opportunities, fun game nights, and possible trips.

    Concert Choir

    Concert Choir is a single block class for freshmen and those students new to choir.  As this class grows, we can add a 2nd concert choir.  Throughout the year we will review rhythms, solfege, and other choral concepts learned in middle school as well as learning new things to make us better vocalists and musicians.  During the year, students will have required concerts, performance opportunities, fun game nights, and possible trips.


  • Advanced Vocal Techniques

    We are starting a new class for students who are also currently enrolled in a choir class.  This new class is called Advanced Vocal Techniques.  This class is similar to the Instrumental Ensemble class for band students.  This class will allow teachers to give more individualized instruction to students who want to further their vocal abilities and knowledge of their vocal instrument.

    What will we do in Advanced Vocal Techniques?

    • Learn classical, broadway, and pop vocal techniques
    • Get familiar with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
    • Learn basic diction for Latin, Italian, German, and French languages
    • Receive opportunities for solo performances
    • Get extra help preparing and filming for college auditions 
    • Get extra help for Region music and Solos for UIL
  • Keep your voice in tip top shape!

    In order to keep your voice working at it's best

    AND to keep your brain alert and ready to learn...



  • Do I need to practice?

    If you have ever asked this question, the answer will always be yes! 

    Did you know that your body starts to forget things after 48 hours without practice?

    48 rule

Mrs. Wells



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Wells

  • Schedule

    To Be Announced

    1 – Concert Choir

    2 – Music History

    3 – 

    4 – Concert Choir 2


    5 – Indian Chorale

    6 – Mixed Choir

    7 – Advanced Vocal Tech

    8 – 

  • Recommended Apps

    Singer Savvy - Create an account and "add to home screen" for the site to function as an app on your mobile device.  Use this app to track your daily vocal range, vocal activity, vocal naps, and water intake!

    Music Tutor - Practice naming/playing notes on the Treble or Bass Clef staff.  Time yourself to get a score.  Play against friends to compete!

  • What do I need to bring to Choir?

    • 1" binder to hold music for class
    • 1/2" BLACK 3-ring binder, no clear overlay - for concerts
    • a pencil
    • a smile
    • and a positive and encouraging attitude!
  • To add the choir calendar to your phone by URL, use this link:  https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/calsynct.asp?s=PNGHSChoir