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    Hello.  I am Terri Johnson.  This is my 6th  year at Port Neches Middle School. Although it is my 6th year here, this is my 31st year teaching all levels of Math.  I am a 1988 graduate of Port Neches -Groves High School. I am honoroed to be teaching in the district I was raised.

    I graduated from Lamar University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Math for grades 1-8.  I ahve taught 6th grade online Math, 7th grade Math, 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1 Honors, On-Level 8th grade Math, On- Level Algebra 1, and have been a Curriruculum Campus coordinator for grades 7- Algebra 1.

    My philosophy of education is to make math meaningful to the student, to challenge the student to become independent thinkers, and to be an active participant in the class. I believe that teachers and parents working together guarantees the student will leave PNMS prepared for high school.

    Please take time to read my newsletter for the year.  In the newsletter, I provide some helpful hints to be successful in 7th grade.  Also, I provided the policies and expectations for a great learning environment. Everyone working together to help the class stay positive only makes for a happy time! When we are happy, our brains are more open to learning some great things in math. 

    Math is the subject area that is like a sport (I call it the academic sport).  There are basic skills that the child learns when they are in elementary.  In middle school, the child will apply all those basic skills they learned in elementary to real world concepts.  This is why I call math an " academic sport".  The student is applying all those  skills in the "game " of life!  


    The year will be great!  Key phrases to remember:  Stay positive! Don't give up! Plan ahead!


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  • Terri Johnson 7th Grade Math  


    PHONE: 409.722.8115 ext 704 

    Conference Period: 4th Period

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MY PLEDGE to MY Students

My PLEDGE to MY Students

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  • Codes to live by:

    1.  Try your best at all times.


    2.  If you cannot repeat something to an adult, it probably should not be said.


    3. Help others when you can.


    4. Be your UNIQUE self! There is no one your age to impress--- make a lasting impression of your heart on others.



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