• Business Information Management-1

    The Students will be learning but not limited to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.


     Rules and Guidelines for room 1207

    • Show respect for everyone at all times and BE ON TIME.
    • Your workstation is your responsibility. Report any problems to the teacher.
    • You are to log in and read the agenda for the day when you arrive. The agenda should remain opened and minimized on your desktop. Pick up any handouts from the front desk BEFORE the bell rings.
    • Students will NOT change any computer settings. Failure to comply will result in detention and/or a referral to the office.
    • Bring ALL necessary supplies to class daily. Purses, bags, and backpacks will be on the floor under the desk in front of my desk during the class period 

    • Take care of restroom needs BEFORE or AFTER class. Realizing there are emergencies, you have two bathroom passes to use in each six weeks. It is your responsibility to keep up with them.
    • NO food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the computer lab.
    • At the end of class, make sure that you log off your computer. Textbooks should be placed on the shelf above you along with the typing stand. Chairs should be pushed under the desk when you leave class.
    • Stay seated at your own desk until the dismissal bell rings.


  • Purple Days
    1st Freshman Athletics
    2nd BIM 1
    3rd Conference
    4th Baseball

    White Days
    5th BIM 1
    6th BIM 1
    7th Conference
    8th Baseball


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