• Here is some information regarding the Chromebooks:


    Some Housekeeping first:

    When you get the new chromebooks, you will need to do the following:


    1. Set up a place to store and charge them.

    2. Protect them like your online teaching depends on them (because it does). If one breaks, I will probably need to send it off to get it fixed and I will NOT have any extra to loan out.



    Please realize the following:

    1. They will work great for web-based learning. You cannot run programs on them like we could on the HP Laptops. If you can get to it in Google Chrome, it will work on the Chromebook provided the filter does not block it.

    2. You are receiving enough for every student in your largest class. You will not receive extras.

    3. You will not be receiving a charging cart due to the cost of these carts, because we can buy almost 4 more chromebooks for the price of a single cart. 

    4. Your student desks have a power strip with 6 spaces on it.  Most teachers could get by using 4 student desks to plug in the power supplies and just stack the ChromeBooks on the desk while charging overnight.

    5. Chromebook batteries should last all day. If you charge them each night after a day of use, you will not need to have them plugged into anything. 

    6. Chromebooks do not require and cannot use the blue network cables, so i will be gathering them up.


    Getting Started:

    1. Open the lid

    2. Wait for Google Login screen

    3. Login with the Google User Name and Password. For Students this is their 533, teachers use their email and password

    4. Get to work.


    The Chromebook battery should last all day (8+ hours of use) when fully charged.

    Chromebooks should require no cords or cables during use (Unless the battery was not charged the previous night)




    Lanschool works differently with chromebooks than it did with the Windows based computers

    Read the document linked below, starting on page 4, part 4 to see how to set up classlists so you can monitor the students with lanschool. 

    Please remember to dismiss your lanschool classes after each period so everything works correctly for all


    As I have NO chromebooks to practice with or learn on, Lanschool is a learn as you go type of situation. You will know more about it than I do.

    LanSchool Chromebook Deployment Guide


    Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcuts



    How to Turn the On Screen Keyboard on and off  


    Limiting websites with Lanschool - You can block sites like Youtube or any other site you do not want students going to. You can also allow only certain sites, but that only works if EVERYTHING you need is only on the sites you allow.