• AP C Mechanics

    Instructor: Mrs. Guarnere

    Grades 11-12.  Prerequisite: AP Physics 1, Honors Chemistry I, or concurrent Honors Chemistry 1.  Students must be enrolled in or have completed Pre-Cal or be enrolled in Calculus concurrently.  This class is designed for the pursuit of engineering post high school.  Topics covered are the concepts of Mechanics which includes Kinematics, Dynamics, Energy, and Rotational Motion.  The goals of this class will be accomplished through lab, problem solving, lecture, and projects.  This class affords an opportunity to take the AP C Mechanics test for the possiblility of 4 college credit hours. 

    Students will need:

    Folder or notebook with notebook paper

    Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

    Ruler and Protractor





  • Mrs. Guarnere,

    Business: 729-7644 ext. 1185
    Email: cguarnere@pngisd.org


  • 1st Period -   Physics 1
    2nd Period -  Physics 1
    3rd Period -   AP Physics 1/AP C Mechanics
    4th Period -   Conference
    5th Period -   AP Physics 1
    6th Period -   Conference
    7th Period -   Physics 1
    8th Period -   AP Physics 1