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  • In Music History, we will look at the history of western music from ancient times to present day.  We will learn basic music theory such as parts of a music staff, notes of the staff, rhythm, and musical terms in order to better understand the changes music has made over the course of history.  This non-singing class covers the origins of music and traces its development through the ages highlighting the development of instruments, classical composers, spirituals, folk music, blues, jazz, ethnic music, and the history of rock and roll.  We will also explore how world history and the inventions of new technologies have helped to shape and spread the music we hear today.  Group and Individual projects are required throughout the year.

  • Music History

    For those in Music History, below you will find a copy of this year's syllabus!

    Music History Syllabus 


  • You can find YouTube Playlists of video clips we see and music we hear in class on the PNGchoir YouTube Channel.

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    Click on the link below to view the playlist:

    Music History 1st 6 Weeks