Enriched Language Arts

  • Assignment Due Dates 

    Here is a calendar containing all due dates for this class. Calendar is updated often so please check back frequently to make sure you have the most up to date information.

  • This year, my classes will be participating in a 40 book challenge! The goal is for all my students to read 40 books by the end of the year. Although this challenge as a whole will not be a grade, several grades will be taken based off this challenge. Please encourage them to meet this goal!

  • Enriched students will participate in several project based units throughout the year. These projects will require work outside of class. I will get all required information out to students as soon as possible!


  • Refugee Museum Results

    This link will take you to a folder with pictures and videos from our recent STEAM unit on refugees! I have included pictures that were taken throughout the 3 week process as well as videos of their final products. I am amazed and so proud of all the hard work the students put into this project!! It turned out better than I imagined.

    Since this unit was something I had been working on for my graduate program, I have also attached the video that was turned into my professor for this grad class. Thank you for everyone that was apart of making this happen.



    Every Monday, an IXL assignment is due online. The specific assignments are posted on the assignment calendar for this class and are assigned well in advance, so students have plenty of time to get them done. Students must get a Smart Score of 85 minimum for these to be counted as complete. 


    Every Monday, students will receive an assignment that will be due on Wednesday. These will alternate between writing assignments and vocabulary assignments.


    Although students are not required to complete a reading log, please encourage your students to read at home! Reading is crucial to language arts, and the more they practice the better they will be! 


    Missing Work

    If your student is absent they need to get any missing assignments the day they get back. They will have an extra day for each day absent to complete those assignments. The school guidelines for late work will be strictly followed. These guidelines state that after work is 1 day late the student will receive a 70 at the highest, and if work is more than 1 day late the student will receive a 0. PLEASE make sure your student keeps up with their work and turns it in on time. 


    Tutorial Information

    Tutorials will start after labor day. They

    During basketball and track season I have limited tutorial hours becuase of practice. I will give updated tutorial information as these changes occur.