• Rules and Procedures:

    -No food or drink (water bottles are an exception)

    -Cell phones must be placed in phone pouch at the front of the classroom

    -All smart watches will need to be placed with phone during a test or quiz

    -Cheating/plagerism/collusion will result in a 0 for the assignment

    -Late work: 1 day late -25%, 2 days late -50%, 3 days late 0%

    -If you'll be absent for a school activity, see me before you leave to get work you'll miss

    -Make up work: must be turned in within 3 days of your absensce - tests must be made up within one week of absence


    Supply List:

    -Blue/black pens

    -Red/purple pens

    -Single subject spiral

    -Colored pencils

    -Notecards of any size for vocabulary extra credit