American Sign Language 1, 2 & 3

  • Classroom Procedures

    An American Sign Language classroom has a unique procedural culture that is all its own. These procedures will establish our optimal educational environment.


    1. Voices off: Once in the classroom, the class will be expected to turn their voices off and communicate using ASL, gestures, or writing.
    2. Respect: The class will adopt Deaf culture; this includes voices off, giving the speaker/signer your undivided attention, and always encourages your peers. Any mockery will be viewed as bullying and will be automatic referral.
    3. Coming to Attention: In the Deaf culture there are various ways to get another person's attention which you will use in this class. I will most commonly flash the lights, clap my hands, or stomp my foot to get your attention. When you notice one of these attention-getting strategies, freeze, turn your eyes to me and be ready to learn!
    4. Getting your Instructor’s Attention: As a part of learning Deaf culture, you may use the attention-getting strategies described above to get my attention (with the exception of flashing the lights). If I am busy, please have patience until I can turn my attention to you.
    5. Entering the Classroom: When you walk into the classroom, you need to check the board. What are you doing today? Be sure you have your binder, paper, and writing utensil at your seat (unless I say otherwise). Be sure to put your personal belongs in the designated area and sit down quickly.
    6. Dismissal: The bell doesn't dismiss you! When I or the class activity is completed, you will be prompted to collect your items, straighten the room and return to your seat. The entire class must be in their seat before the class is dismissed.
    7. Trash: Do not leave trash behind when you leave the classroom. This is YOUR responsibility to clean up after yourself.
    8. Food/Drink: No food or drink is allowed in the classroom unless under special circumstances with my permission. Only water is allowed in a clear bottle.
    9. Leaving the Classroom: Please try to take care of business before you enter the classroom. However, if you must leave the room for any reason brings your “Get Out of Class” Pass during non-instruction time to me ALREADY FILLED OUT, ask me to sign it, and take the hall pass with you. Take care of your business and return to class promptly. Only one student may leave the classroom at a time. You will be given a new “Get Out of Class” Pass at the beginning of every Six Weeks. If you do not have your “Get Out of Class” Pass you will not be allowed to leave the classroom. If the "Get Out of Class" Pass is not used throughtout the Six Weeks the pass can be turned in for extra credit points. 
  • Supplies

    • Clear face shield
    • 1.5" or 2" binder
    • Binder dividers (minimum of 6) 
    • 1 package of regular loose leaf paper
    • red pens
    • blue and black ink pens
    • number 2 pencil