Classroom Expectations

  • Art is fun and exciting, however in order for it to remain fun and exciting we still have to maintain structure and order so that when the time comes we can maximize our creative time.

    The golden rule of my classroom is that you do your best and respect those around you.



    All Settings

    Work Time

    During Demos and Instruction

    Clean-Up Time


    • Use inside voice
    • Ask questions appropriately.
    • Work quietly
    • Raise your hand if you have questions
    • Respect the teacher/presenter
    • Listen to all directions carefully
    • Leave your table and supplies clean and organized.


    • Be a problem solver
    • Absent? Get the info you need to get caught up
    • Use materials appropriately
    • Use your time wisely
    • Put your name (“sign”) all your artwork


    • Follow directions as stated
    • Ask if you have questions during the demo.
    • Help clean up your table and surrounding floor area.
    • Do your part of your group’s cleanup
    • Put materials back where they belong.


    • Respect others’ space and materials
    • Have a good attitude.
    • Give positive critiques of artwork
    • Offer help if others need it
    • Wait patiently and keep working if Mrs. Thibodeaux is busy.
    • Let others ask questions without interrupting.
    • Listen to others’ ideas
    • Help other groups if your cleanup is done and time is left.


    All students are expected to follow campus and district policies. Failure to meet these expectations will have consequences or loss of privileges.