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    Let's Get Creative!

    In Mrs. Thibodeaux's Art Studio everyone is an artist. Imagine a world without art; that includes movies, architecture, sculpture, paintings, you name it. Pretty much everything in the world surrounding us could be considered an art form. Everything starts with design... even just a simple line is art. It doesn't matter if you are one of the most talented artists in the world or if you can only draw stick figures a simple appreciation and knowledge of art in the world around us makes you a more interesting and educated person... Don't you want to be interesting?

    I am passionate about art and my goal is to share that passion with you. The #1 rule in my classroom is that NO ONE uses the phrase "I can't"... All it takes is a willingness to do your best and create the best work you can in our time together. With practice, you will be surprised what you can do!


    Why is art so important?

    • Art stimulates both sides of the brain.
    • 33% of you are visual learners.
    • Studies show kids who make art, read better and get better grades in science and math.
    • Making art promotes self-esteem.
    • We all need a place to express ourselves.
    • Art stimulates perception.
    • Art teaches one to think openly and be receptive to other cultures.
    • Art teaches that there is more than one solution for a problem.
    • Art teaches one to be creative.
    • Art nourishes the human soul. (This is my favorite)
    • Art is valuable all by itself.


    Remember the #1 rule... Do your best and expect greatness from yourself!