7th Grade Reading & Language Arts

  • You may contact me at edesmond@pngisd.org or call (409) 722-8115 ext. 712.

  • Schedule

    1st            8:15-9:15  (Conference)

    2nd           9:10-10:01

    3rd           10:05-10:55  

    4th            10:59-11:49   

    5th            11:53-12:43 (Lunch)

    6th            12:47-1:17

    7th            1:21-2:11

    8th            2:15-2:36  (Study Hall)

    9th          2:40-3:30

  • Library


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    Language Arts - periods 2, 3,4, 7, 9  - Text the message   @hak4c7     

                                                                   to the number 81010


    Language Arts - period 6  - Text the message @d8gh927 

                                                  to the number 81010





    1 Blue Pocket Folder       Pencils                           Red Pen

    Yellow Highlighter          Earbuds / Headphones     2 Spiral Notebooks

    Notebook Paper             Notecards – any size       1 3-Ring Binder     



    Blue Homework Folder-You will use the blue folder for unfinished class work, also known as homework. ☺ 

    Reader’s Notebook- You will keep handouts and study notes in the binder. 

    Name on Assignments - Each assignment you turn in must contain your first and last name, your class period, and the date.

    Make-up Work - It is your responsibility to pick up your make-up work.  It must be turned in to the teacher in a timely manner, generally one day per day absent unless other arrangements are made.

    Daily work - is to be turned in at the end of each class period.  If you do not finish, it is considered homework and is due at the beginning of the following class day.  If you turn it in late, I will deduct points in accordance with district grading policy.

    Tutorials - Language Arts tutorials is Tuesday mornings at 7:45 a.m.

    Contact Information - If your parents need to contact me, my email is edesmond@pngisd.org, and my conference period is from 8:15-9:06 a.m. each day.  I can also be reached by calling (409) 722-8115 ext. 712.


    Be seated and ready to work when the bell rings!


    Have all necessary materials including notebook, paper, red pen, pencil, homework and book ready!


    Once you enter the classroom you are not allowed to leave again.


    Restroom and water breaks are to be made between classes.


    Pencils are to be sharpened before the tardy bell rings.


    If you were absent, it is your responsibility to come before school or during study hall to ask what assignments were missed.


    Be respectful and courteous to your classmates and teachers.  Treat them the way you would like to be treated.


    Participate positively in class by following directions and asking appropriate questions.


    If you feel sick like you’re going to throw up, please quickly make your way to the nurse.

    (It’s very hard to remove the smell from the carpet, so we want to prevent that from happening.)






    Missing work results in a 0. (Zero)

    Neatness – Your handwriting must be legible.  I must be able to read it, or you will need to redo the assignment until it is legible.

    Conduct grades will reflect behavior in class and number of demerits received.

    Dress code and cell phone policy will be enforced