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    Mrs. Lang, M.Ed.

                                                                                     Woodcrest Elementary

    Comprehensive Counseling Program

        The comprehensive counseling program at Woodcrest Elementary is designed to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of the students. It is structured to meet those needs through individual, small group, and class sessions. The school slogan "Only My Best Always" is promoted and encouraged as a reminder to the Woodcrest students to accept nothing less than their best.
    Some of the topics addressed in our classroom guidance lessons include:
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Drug awareness
    • Personal Safety
    • Feelings
    • Friendship
    • Decision Making
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Good Character Education
          If you have any concerns you would like to discuss with me, please send me an email, call, or fill out the Parent Referral Survey
         Please note school counselors do not provide "therapy" or "traditional counseling". I can provide you a referral list for outside counseling services if your child is experiencing grief, divorce, family separation, severe anxiety, or mental health concerns. 


  • Mission/Vision

                                                                          Back to Basics

    1. Empower young people to understand their behavior and how it effects themselves and others. 

    2. Increase feelings of personal competence and self-motivation. 

    3. Give students positive decision-making tools. 

    4. Foster good citizenship in each student-- to be respectful, caring, trustworthy, fair, and responsible. 

    5. Encourage children to follow the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

    6. Teach children (and encourage them to practice) the Woodcrest School Motto: "Only My Best Always!"

  •  Every month we send home a copy of the "Home and School Connection". This newsletter will allow you to stay connected to your student's educational journey. It provides practical tips to ensure parents are able to support their child during their time at school.  

  •  Due to the generosity of the Knights of Columbus, we are able to offer students the Backpack Buddy PRogram. We understand that not all of our students are able to have all their needs met some assistance and we are here for you. WIth our backpack program, we are able to discreetly provide children nonperishable food for the weekends. The food is sent home every Friday with students.If you feel you need assistance from our backpack program, please contact Mrs. Lang at (409) 724-2309.

  •  We will focus on our character education program using the 6 pillars of good character- respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and citizenship. Each six weeks we will study a new character word. Our counseling classroom lessons focus on these good character traits, along with other associated words and examples. We want our student's to put these words into action! Each six weeks, student's will be awarded if they are caught being a kid of good character! 

Notes from the Counselor

  • Mrs. Lang

    Meet your School Counselor: 

        Hi, my name is Chrissy Lang and I am the School Counselor at Woodcrest Elementary. I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies; I hold Texas certification for General and Special Education.  I also earned my Masters in School Counseling at Lamar University in Beaumont and hold Texas Certification for School Counseling in all grade levels. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Shawn, and we have four sweet girls.  In my free time, I like to read, craft, and spend time with my family. 

        As a school counselor, my philosophy is to instill in my students a happy and healthy perspective of oneself and others. I hope to do this through whole group, small group, and individual group counseling sessions. I have always enjoyed helping young children reach their full potential and supporting their academic and emotional growth. If you should ever have any questions or concerns please reach out to me- I'm more than happy to help!



    Chrissy Lang

    Woodcrest Students
      Have P. R. I. D. E.! 

    Class Rules:

    1. Enter quietly.
    2. Choose your seat.
    3. Raise your hand and wait
         to be called on.
    4. Listen when others talk.
    5. Be kind to one another.
    6. Remember to be 
        "Kids for Character."

    Our Campus is a
      No-Bully Zone!     

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Class Contacts

  • Lang, Chrissy


    Email:  clang@pngisd.org
      Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you may have.