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    Woodcrest Elementary School is committed to excellence in education. The combined efforts of the staff, students, parents, and community will provide a learning environment that ensures opportunities for all students to pursue lifelong learning and responsible, productive citizenship. Therefore, Woodcrest Elementary will maximize its resources to enable each child to become a successful learner.  School and home must work together to realize higher student achievement. On-going, two-way, meaningful communication will occur to facilitate mutual understanding and to stimulate student success.

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    *The August/September 2015 edition of The Parental Involvement Connection newsletter is available in English and Spanish.  This edition highlights back-to-school readiness, TexQuest Online Resources, the ABC’s of student success, and healthy lunch box ideas.  


      Committee Members:  
    • Angela Abel
    • Chrissy Lang
    • Debby Addison
    • Brandi Burks
    • Charlene Cobb
    • Lea Johnson
    • Ashley Perkins

    Dates of Meetings: