• In First Grade, we use a ticket system for our Behavior Management.  If a rule is broken then the student will pull the color ticket for that rule.
    Green - Raise hand and wait to be called on
    Pink - Do not talk without permission
    Yellow - Follow Directions
    Black - Sit in your chair
    Orange - Walk in the building
    Red- Keep hands, feet and objects where they belong
    White- Respect authority
    Purple- Respect the rights of others
    Brown - Do not play during work time
    0-2 tickets   Waring
    3    tickets    Miss half of recess
    4    tickets    Miss all of recess
    5    tickets    Note home to parents
    6    tickets    Meet with Mr. Addison

    Some actions may require a meeting with Mr. Addison even if 6 tickets have not been pulled.