Library Program



    ~~Ridgewood Library Guidelines~~

    Book Check-out Guidelines and Loan Periods

    • Students in Kindergarten will begin book check-out in mid-September.

    • Kindergarten students will have one book for a 7 day loan period.

    • First Graders begin checking out two books in January for a 7 day loan period.  Until then, they are allowed one book.

    • Students in 2nd and 3rd grades are allowed two books out at a time.

    • Students in all grades are also given "open-library" check-out times each day.

    Overdue and Lost books

    • Fines are not collected for late books.

    • Students with late books are not allowed to check any more books until that overdue book is returned or paid for.

    • Lost or damaged books are to be paid for before completing the school year.

    • Students moving to another school must clear their library record first.