Accelerated Reader 2021-2022
    What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading program used in grades 1 through 3.  A student checks out a book on her reading level from the library and reads the book, either independently or with help.  Next, the child takes a 5-10 question quiz over the book either in her classroom, the computer lab or the library.  The child is awarded points for passing the quiz. 

    It is very important that students read books on the appropriate reading level.  Students will be taking the Star Reading test in early September, which will identify these levels.  Please make sure to look over this report when you receive it and make sure your child's library book is appropriate.  Reading levels are labeled on the inside of the front cover of each book.  Your child must maintain a passing grade of 70% to be eligible for the incentives listed below.  Thanks for your help.

    What are the incentives that Ridgewood has to offer?

    We will have AR announcements on Monday mornings.  Any student who has reached a Point Club (goal) of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 .... will get their name announced over the loud speaker.  The students immediately get to come to the library to receive a reward.  Once a student reaches 50 points, their picture is displayed on the AR Wall of Fame outside of the library.  They receive a special "prize" for each point club they join! 
    100 points - Field Trip to Chuckecheese
    125 Points -  Librarian for your Class
    ​150 Points - Principal for the Day
    175 Points - Handprints painted on Ceiling of
    Reading Hall of Fame
    and AR Parade Participant