•           Class Rules

    • Respect all people and property.
    • Listen and follow directions.
    • Turn in all school work, forms, and paperwork.
    • Be on time, and have supplies.
    • Make the right choice for you voice.

    Goal: Students will learn to make right choices in order to become polite, respectful, and productive members of our classrooms and society.

     Right Choices Behavior Plan

    • Students names will be on a class roster in each classroom.
    • Attendance will be marked on rosters each day.
    • A student who does not make a "right choice" will put the number of the broken rule on the date it was broken.
    • Students who have no absences or have not put a number up all week will receive a deposit in their math bank account

      Consequences of Poor Choices Conduct Grade on Report Card


    Conduct grades will be determined by the total number of broken rules you receive in each grading period.

    • 0-3 = S
    • 4-8 = N
    • 9+ = U


    **Students may receive Think Sheets, Lunch Detention, Loss of part or all of recess, or Office Referrals for ongoing or serious Poor Choices.