• Texas History

    Instructor: MS. BULLION

    My name is Martha Bullion and I am looking forward to being your Texas History teacher this year!  I can't wait for us to explore all of the great things about our state.  We will learn a lot of facts and have a lot of fun in the process!

    Class Rules
    1. Respect yourself, others, and the teacher.
    2. Be on time and come prepared.
    3. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.
    4. Listen and follow directions.
    5. Take pride in your work.

    ****Tutorial Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:45-8:10****

    The following supplies will be needed for class everyday:
    • Blue/Black Pen or a Pencil
    • Red Pen for Grading
    • Notebook Paper
    • Folder (any color)
    • Map Pencils
    • Ruler
    • 1" Binder (any color)*
    *This will be used daily, but left in the classroom so the students do not have to carry it around all day.  Students will keep their notes and graded papers in the binders.  These binders will only leave the classroom the week of a test for studying purposes.  Students will also receive a binder grade once per six weeks for having everything in their binder.


  • Period Time Course
    1 8:15-9:05 Conference
    2 9:09-10:01 Texas History
    3 10:05-10:55 Texas History
    4 10:55-11:25 Lunch
    5 11:29-12:19 Texas History
    6 12:23-1:13 Texas History
    7 1:17-2:07 Texas History
    8 2:11-2:36 Activity Period
    9 2:40-3:30 Texas History


  • Bullion, Martha

    Business: 962-0225 ext.703
    Email: mbullion@pngisd.org