• Mathematics

    Instructor: Mr. Dodson


  • Class Rules

    1. We will be polite at all times.
    2. We will work quietly and not disturb others.
    3. We will listen carefully when others are talking.
    4. We will be friendly to fellow classmates.
    5. We will be truthful and honest
    6. We will respect our teacher and other adults.
    7. We will be prepared for class everyday.
    8. We will arrive to class on time.
    9. We will cooperate with others.
    10. We will always do …

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  • Teacher Contact Information

    If you need to reach me about your child my conference time is 8:15-9:05. My phone number is 409-962-0225. ext. 712
    If you would like to reach me by E-mail you can do so at cdodson@pngisd.org

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  • 1st period- Homeroom (8:15- 8:40)
    2nd period-Robotics (8:44-9:34)
    3rd Period- Math-7 (9:38-10:30)
    4th period - Lunch (10:30- 11:00)
    5th period Math-7 (11:04-11:54
    6th Period- Conference(11:58- 12:48)
    7th period- Math-7 (12:52-1:42)
    8th period- Math-7 (1:46-2:36)
    9th Period Math-7 (2:40- 3:30)