• Mr. Sigur's Rules

    1. Bring materials to class: binder and pencils, every day.2. Sit in assigned seat.3. Work independently when told to and in groups when told to.4. Do not touch anybody’s stuff other than your own.5. Get permission from the teacher to get anything out of the cabinets.6. Do not distract other people while they work.7. Clean up at the end of each class.8. Be sure your name is on your stuff.9. …

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  • Mr. Sigur's Schedule

    Mr. Sigur’s SchedulePeriod Time Class Room1st Period 8:15-9:06 Shop 8th 4042nd Period 9:10-10:01 Shop 8th 4043rd Period 10:05-10:55 Shop 8th 4044th Period 10:59-11:49 Robotics 8th 8125th Period 11:53-12:23 Lunch cafe6th Period 12:27-1:17 Robotics 7th 8127th Period 1:21-2:11 Shop 8th 4048th Period 2:15-2:36 Study Hall 4049th Period 2:40-3:30 Shop 7th 403
    Tutorials available Friday Morning …

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  • 7th Grade Student Project Examples

    Click on the files below to see examples of student projects!

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