• English I Pre-AP 2019-2020

    Room 2629 -- Mr. Hillin

    English I Pre-AP
    I am very excited to be teaching all of you!  I hope you all have had an exciting, fun summer and that you are ready to work.  ​This class will cover a number of different skill sets.  We will practice writing, learn new vocabulary, increase our competency in grammar, and read a number of short stories originating from various cultures around the world.  Along with reading several short stories and poems, the major works for students to look forward to reading are:

    Odyssey Homer
    Night b
    Elie Wiesel
    Great Expectations by Charles Dickens 
    Romeo and Juliet by William
    Time Machine and War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
    Lord of the Flies by
     William Golding

    A little about your teacher:

    Before I began teaching, I worked in the private sector for over fifteen years.  My experiences before my current occupation taught me the fundamentals of good communication.  I hope to pass some of these skills along to all of my students.
    I received my high school education in Buna, Texas and B.A  in English with a focus on writing from Lamar University.  During my time at Lamar University, I worked with Pulse magazine, earning numerous awards for both poetry and essays.  Also, I regularly attend writing and poetry workshops, from annual CCCC conference to poetry workshops in Westchester, PA.


    Remind: Please sign up for Remind using the QR links below.  BE CAREFUL to choose the period number.  Thanks. :)  Alternatively, you may text the following to 81010, but this will not allow you to text comments directly to me.  Thanks.
    Period 2: he4cf8
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    period 8


    Tutorial Schedule
    Tutorials are offered for English classes daily.  My doors are always open. However, on white days I must leave the classroom for breakfast duty at 7:25 AM.  The tutorial door open at 6:45 in any case.
    I am also available until 3:45 M-F 

    Contact the teacher:

    You may contact me at 409-729-7644 ext.192. Please leave a message. You may also e-mail me at jhillin@pngisd.org (email is my preferred method of contact). I will reply to messages as soon as possible.