Dear Students,


     I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break.  Well, this year has really been QUITE something!  Hopefully, this will be the LAST "issue" we have this year.  I'm sure, by now, you understand why school is being delayed one more week.  (I can image you JUMPING for joy! LOL!)  We KNOW all about cleaning and making sure our germs aren't spread, right?  Our district and school wants you and your family safe.  With that being said, I know some of you might be bored or want to practice a few things while you're home!  So, I've come up with a few websites you can go to! Just click on the LINKS on my webpage!  If you can't remember your password, let me know!  


    I miss you all and hope you are healthy (and stay that way!) If you have any questions, just email me.  


    Love you!

    Mrs. Gray





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